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Women often find trying to learn sporting skills from men to be intimidating. The Women of Aim is designed to create a safe and friendly environment for women to experience, learn and pursue sporting activities available at DSC. While the men of the club will be involved, there will always be other women participating for support and sharing of their experiences, support and knowledge. We are open to any suggestions for experiences someone would like to try and are asking the women to come to a meeting and see what we are about. We have designed our own logo so members of the group can be identified. Please approach anyone you see wearing one about activities.

We have already sponsored several events we informally call "Day at the Range" when Linda and Mark Oleszko bring their firearms and provide free instruction. The last one was so successful I think a record was set for open shooting attendance. Next time there will be more instructors available since it has become too popular for just two instructors. Keep an eye on the P&K for future events.

Women of Aim monthly meetings are scheduled for the following dates. The meetings take place in the clubhouse from 7 to 9 and are always the third Thursday of the month.


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Tuesday - October 22, 2019
7-10 p.m.

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