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Pistol Committee 2020 Officers
Name Office Held
Stan Surratt Chairman
Ed Krol Co-Chairman
Bob Banaszak Secretary
Rick Zalar Treasurer
Dave Philp Scheduling Administrator
Rob Ess Work Hours Administrator


The Outdoor Pistol Range offers 25 covered firing points with electrically controlled turning targets at both 25 and 50 yards for our bullseye league or members escorted by a range safety officer. Open shooting occurs on either the indoor range or in Bay #3 outdoors.

Also offered is steel bowling pintable, a machine rest for checking accuracy of ammunition and firearms, and an area for informal target shooting.

USPSA, N.R.A. Bulls-Eye and PPC, as well as informal Bowling Pin shooting, take place during the outdoor range season (May through October.)

Our principle indoor range was remodeled during the summer of 2000 with a "state of the art" backstop. It is located in the basement of the Shotgun Range Building and is equipped with 12 firing points with electrically controlled turning targets for firing at 50 feet. USPSA, N.R.A. Bulls-Eye and PPC shooting takes place along with informal practice during the indoor season (September through April.) 
Open shooting is normally available on Friday from 10:00am to 2:00pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Check the calendar for exceptions.

A range officer supervises all indoor and outdoor ranges, with safety being the utmost priority. Targets are available on the ranges.

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