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Welcome to the web page of the DSC’s “Rocky River Regulators”. We would like to invite you to join in one of the hottest growing sports ......Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS). Unlike most other shooting disciplines, Cowboy Action Shooting is not only a test of skill, but also a chance to dress up and “play cowboy”. Entire families of shooters, in full period dress, toting authentic and reproduction cowboy firearms, turn out to meet and compete.
During the past few years, membership in DSC’s Rocky River Regulators has grown, and the town of Rocky River, an honest to goodness western town, has sprung up near the banks of the Clinton River in DSC’s James Delaney Park. All year round, rain or shine, monthly Cowboy Action Shooting matches take place in Rocky River. Everyone is welcome to compete, or just stop by and watch a match or two.

(Please remember that DSC Range Safety Rules require that everyone on any DSC Range, must have eye and ear protection, and must wear them).

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Cowboy Action Shooting has become a very popular sporting event that is as much fun to watch as it is to shoot! Equipment requirements include (2) two single action revolvers with holsters, a shotgun and a rifle that shoots “revolver” ammo. Targets consist of steel plates and poppers. We have both cowboys and cowgirls of all ages that dress up and come to DSC to shoot in our monthly matches.

(Note: Revolver velocities must be below 1000 fps, rifle velocities must be below 1400 fps, and shotgun must use #4 or smaller shot, #71/2 shot recommended.
No Magnum loads are allowed in this sport. Lead bullets only!)

The Rocky River Regulators hold weekly practice sessions to allow shooters to hone their skills in Cowboy Action Shooting. Practices are held on Saturday in the town of Rocky River located in DSC’s James Delaney Park. See the "R.O. Schedule" link for details.

Matches normally take place on the third Sunday of every month come rain or shine. See the "Schedule of Matches" link below for details.
Registration opens at 8:30 a.m. followed by a mandatory safety meeting commencing at 9:30 a.m. After that, the shooting begins.
If you ever thought you’d like to try Cowboy Action Shooting, or just want to watch a bunch of folks have a real good time, please stop by at one of our matches. For more information you can contact "Terrebone Bud" (Jim Estes) at 248-709-5254 or “J.J. Longley” (Joe Lupi) at 248-549-1075.

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2019 Scheduled Events

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Cowboy Action Shooting
Apr 28
Jun 16
Jul 21
Aug 18
Sep 15
Oct 20 [chili cook-off]
Nov 17 [Thanksgiving Dinner]
Dec 15

Wild Bunch Action Shooting

May 11
Sep 7

Service Rifle Bolt Action / Semi-Automatic
May 5
Nov 10

Service Rifle Semi-Automatic and Bolt Action
Jul 07
Oct 13

Cowboy 3 Gun Matches
Advance Registration Required
Jun 8
Oct 5

Cowboy Silhouette Matches
Jun 2
Sep 29


For further information on upcoming 2019 Rocky River Regulators Cowboy Matches check the coming events page

Cowboy Action Shooting Video (you tube)

Cowboy Match Slide Show

New Covered 50yd Firing Line

Committee Officers
Joe Lupi
Chris von Wormer
Bill Cherfoli
Public Relations:
Jim Estes