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DSC Clinton River Muzzleloaders participation at the 2017 Voyager Encampment

Clinton River Muzzleloaders
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Clinton River Muzzleloaders
2020 Calendar of Events

Black Powder hold their
first Lobster Boil 2019

Members of the Black Powder Committee assist the American Heritage Girls earn their Firearms Merit Badges on Labor Day 2019

Please check the coming events page for further dates and information


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Black Powder Movie (Quicktime required)

The American pioneering spirit is being kept alive and well at the Detroit Sportsmen's Congress
by the Clinton River Muzzleloaders (CRM).
Join us and take part in the great American family tradition of black powder shooting.

Muzzleloading practice is held every Thursday from 6:00 p.m. until dusk and alternates between the Woods-Walk and 50 Yard ranges in Delaney Park throughout the summer. Tuesdays also feature the Mini-Rendezvous on the Primitive Range, starting at 9:00 am, that features food N shoot'en N fun. Come on out and enjoy a day on the range with your long rifle, smoothbore, musket, In-line or lever-gun. Pistols and revolvers are welcome too! Sometimes, we even have Canons and mortars as well!

Our winter schedule features shooting on the Dequindre indoor range, on Monday evenings, with reduced loads in long guns as well as a well attended pistol league and just plain, fun, shooting.

Blackpowder cartridge rifle practice is every Monday night throughout the summer on the DSC state of the art 200-yard rifle range. This evening is open to anyone who wants to shoot at greater distances with his or her blackpowder cartridge or muzzleloading rifle.

A monthly primitive woods walk match is held, generally, on the second Sunday of every month at the Delaney Park Primitive Range. This is a match that is shot from pocket or pouch and consists of nonspecific targets at nonspecific distances. This match that features primitive costuming, can separate the prowess of the true long-hunter from the would-be and is great practice for hunting as well as fun for all!

The Primitive Range and woodswalks feature targets that can be shot with any muzzleloading long-arm as well as many modern arms. Contact a committee member for details.

Also did you know that the Clinton River Muzzle-Loaders, Senior Division, includes crew-served weapons, along with rifles & trade guns?

click here to see the firing of a scale model 6-pounder Napoleon cannon.

Shoot Results and Scrapbook Pictures.